Where The Hell Have I Been?!?!

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Okay I’ve been gone forever. Had such plans for this blog but then I got mixed up with a moron and wasted two damn years of my life.

Last time I am getting involved with a guy for a long time, maybe ever.

Only hot, sexy girls for me for now.

What is up with you men. If you aren’t crying about mommy-daddy issues, you’re tryin to act all tough in front of whatever audience you think may be watching.

I call my ex-BF “Mr. Pouty-Slap”. Bitch would pout and mope around the house half the day, then he would get drunk and try to hit me. Then he’d cry and tell me about how his dad used to smack him around as if that made it okay for him to try to smack me. How long does that excuse work before you scream “grow-the-hell-up” and jump out a window. What the hell was I thinking getting involved with him.

I should have handed him a juice box and told him to go take a nappy elsewhere long ago.

I swear, men are like stray cats.

You pick one up off the street trying to be all nice to it. Take it home and it’s sweet as can be at first, because it doesn’t know if you’re going to keep it or not. But then a few months pass by and it gets all settled in and comfortable, like your place belongs to it… and it’s a fussy, demanding shit you gotta clean up after all the time.

I’ve been done with him for a good few months now. Been living out in San Francisco with an old friend from NYC. She’s like this legendary professional dominatrix… all lifestyle into BDSM. Dead serious about femdom and her body is so fine. She’s like over 6 feet tall in high heels and every inch is hot. I’ve got a tight strippers body from dancing but I’m not as tall as her, and while I think of myself as a ballsy bitch, this woman doesn’t take shit from anyone. So dominant and so sexy 🙂

I’ve been living with her and her “puppy slave”. Puppy is this cute little girl (little in size not age you freaking perverts) who is her 24/7 slave girl. She acts like a combination of a puppy and a human… I know it sounds crazy but it’s really hot.

I have to wear a collar and leash around the house sometimes but I’m not getting into that here yet 😉 I’ve always liked fetish gear so it’s fine with me, and I’ve been learning a lot about femdom BDSM while living with her.

I’ve got my old computer back now so I’m gonna try to post a bit here when I can.

I’m still a total fetish goth. Still a stripper.

And I still kick total shit and rule.

`*~ Razor Goth Girl ~*´

Stripping for the 4th of July and some Hot Pictures

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You’d think a strip club would be slow during a holiday weekend like the 4th of July… not a chance! I worked my tits and ass off the last few days, and have a whole mess of dead presidents littering my teasure chest (ie. dresser drawer). As a stripper, I do like the dancing, showing off my body, and seeing men get all hot over me… but it’s the money that make me hot! LOL.

I’ve gone on dates with guys out of the clubs I’ve worked in. Not very “professional” and not something most clubs like but I don’t care. Guys that like the fetish goth look always like the clothes and gear, and it’s only natural they would have things they want to buy me and see me wear. Fetish clothes are damn expensive! I’m not talking about the mass produced shit you see every “BDSM store” online selling. I’m talking about the real stuff that you can get in someplace like NYC. A rubber fetish outfit goes over $1,000 in the blink of an eye. Custom thigh high boots get crazy too, especially if they are truly custom made for you. The best gear you have to get sized for, and those little shops make excellent stuff and charge prices that reflect their quality.

razorgoth-collarchainsSpeaking of fetish stuff and BDSM gear, here’s a picture of me in boots, collar and chains.

When I’m working a strip club, guys with a thing for goths and punks are drawn to me right away. It’s not just the looks and style, it’s also the attitude. Most that like goth girls like deviant forms of sex and BDSM. And most of thos tend towards submissive men wanting kinky sex so my ball-on attitude gets their cocks hard fast.

I constantly get guys like that wanting me to do private femdom scenes with them after hours.. but ya gotta be careful with that stuff. In side the strip club I go all dominatrix on them… wrapping a leash around their necks and parading them around the place behind me… me in my thigh high boots and super sexy shoulder length gloves and nothing else on. You’d think a guy would be embarassed to do something like that, especially with some many other men and stripper girls watching them… nope, not these guys, they friggin’ LOVE it. It’s gets them so hot and in seconds I’ve got them wrapped around my naughty little finger 🙂 I’ve whipped and spanked guys in clubs before, not just in the VIP / Champagne rooms but right on the main floor. Put them over my knee in front of everyone. Had them kneeling, kissing my feet and licking my shoes. Dragged guys up on stage with me too, handcuffing them to one of the stripper poles LOL. I love stuff like that!

redheaddominatrixSpeaking of femdom stuff, I ran into a girl I know this weekend. She’s heavy into BDSM, not just in her personal life but professional too. She’s worked as a featured dominant and submissive at a bunch of different professional BDSM houses and has also done a bunch of adult films. She’s actually pretty famous in that scene. I met her about a year ago at a club and we hit it off pretty good. I told her I was doing modeling and she said she’d help me with some contacts – super cool!! I emailed her some photos this morning. Also said that I was thinking about getting involved more with professional femdom. I’m hoping to learn some from her but she travels a lot now. 

She’s a super hot redhead. Like 5 feet tall at best but so sexy and so confident! A friend of hers put a site up recently with some pictures of her on it (she models and sells photo sets to websites) so if you want to see more of her check this place out – Redhead Fetish Dominatrix (not no mo’). FAR better photographer than the guys I’ve charmed into doing some sets of me, but she is serious pro in this and I’ll get better ones soon. There’s a whole gallery of her up on that site but she let me pick one and put it on my goofy blog so here ya go – 🙂 !!! I had to pick one of the non-nude ones though 😦  LOL  Her little red pussy is soooo cute! But I really love her in that corset and I think those stockings rock on her.

`*~ Razor Goth Girl ~*´

“Shameless” in Tight Black Velvet

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I had an old lady tell me I was a shameless freak today.

I was dressed in a tight black velvet top cut off and laced just below my tits, and a long, black skirt – also velvet, cut to be close fitting around my ass and then flare a bit half way down the leg. Nothing crazy with my makeup but my hair was all ragged out Bettie Page-ish. Hardly any sort of goth extreme but it was enough to get this old bat flappin. Perhaps the slave collar and leash I was wearing did it… can’t walk around Manhattan without a fetish touch, just doesn’t feel right. But you’d think she would be used to it… hell, I look more normal in the LES than she does.

I didn’t snap at her. I wanted to pat her on the head and ask if she needed someone to walk her back to the nursing home, but I wasn’t in a cruel mood.

Actually I don’t know if it was that fetish touch that did it. I think it was more the looks I was getting from men on the train… and how I was playing up to them a bit to tease. Old girls don’t seem to like that. Like I’m being too brazen and sexual and whatever. If I had told her I was a stripper her head probably would have exploded. I should have given her this web address so she could see the pictures of me here LOL.

I’m young and I have a hot body and I’m damn well going to show it off. Not my fault if old people are facing the sunset… my sun is still rising and I’m not going to let some bag lady wreck my sky with her rain clouds. I’m a very sexual person and I dress in a way that reflects that… ramped up with a nice dose of fetish goth. My behavior fits my style 🙂

I can understand why people think the whole goth culture is weird. The style isn’t exactly the normal every day workplace gear (and the “style“ is pretty damn diverse at that). But then again, you’d think that people would get used to the fact that every generation thinks the styles of that day’s youth are weird. Hell, people my age look at the early days of Rock n’ Roll and think that was all a bit corny, and yet at that time, the older people then were having a heart attack over it all, as if the Devil himself had possessed the shaking hips of Elvis and the hairstyles of The Beatles were a sign of the impending apocalypse.

I want people to think I’m weird. Doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s not really why my style is all goth and punk – I do what I do because I like it and because I think it’s damn sexy. But I like being on the “outside” so if people are freaked a little by what I do, no problem. Men get a bit intimidated by me… but they damn well want me 🙂 Enough women do too… at least the right ones. Fetish Goth may look like too much for most to handle, but it’s also damn hot and sexy.

Sexy… I think that is one of the things people don’t get about the goth scene. The strong sexual element to it. I’m not saying everyone is as promiscuous as me – one doesn’t need to have sex to be sexy – I’m not talking primarily of the act itself. I’m more referring to a quality that permeates the entire scene, be the individual style Fetish or let us say Victorian (and that’s just a couple of examples with regard to fashion… fashion is only a small part of the whole too). People think goth, and then they think death, but there is so much more to it than that. More romantic, poetic qualities with far greater depth and reason to them than the surface suggests to those willing to do little more than glance.

I have to go to work soon, so I will leave you with a picture of me twirling around the stripper pole. If you’re reading this at night, especially on a weekend, I may well be doing exactly what you see in that picture while you’re looking at it.

`*~ Razor Goth Girl ~*´

Faith - Razor Goth Girl - Stripper Pole

Pictures of Me – Thigh High Boots and a Stripper Pole

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goth-stripper-boots-1Hope you like naughty pictures of hot girls in thigh high boots wrapped around a stripper pole – here are some of the sexy pictures I did during that photo shoot last weekend! I can’t post them all but here are a few to check out!

The fetish outfit in this set is very much me – leather and PVC, collar and thigh high boots – it all fits my style perfectly, as does the stripper pole since I’m a dancer. I probably didn’t need to tell ya that since the pole in the pictures should make it pretty obvious, along with that second shot where I‘m hanging upside down comfortable as all hell. You can see I’m very much at home with my body wrapped around a stripper pole. My job is like playing on a sexual playground in front of boys dying to give me their money 🙂 I’m 18 and all grown up now, so I traded the monkey bars for a stripper pole… and I‘m still loving playtime.

I really love all the shots he took of me – not only cause I look damn hot and sexy in them – thank you very much – but because the poses came out really good. Some pictures are better than others, of course, but the ones I’m gonna share with you will be those I like best – ain’t I sweet 🙂

While I was on the stripper pole he started snapping pictures fast as I was doing some tricks, so I have this sorta sequence of me moving around the pole, flipping upside down and all that. Thigh high boots are great for that kinda stuff – less bruises on your legs, even if they don’t grip quite as well as bare skin.

I took a shot from another set and made the banner with it. That set has a similar sort of fetish outfit going on, but I went a little more BDSM with a full slave collar, leash and bondage cuffs. Other outfits included corsets, leather dresses, latex fetish nurse costume, latex and PVC hot pants, satin gloves, fishnets, and thin strips of PVC barely wrapped around my privates (his idea LOL but it was hot). We spent hours at it (and then had sex but that’s another story – after all, I did promise him he could play with me if he took the pictures I wanted). Overall, some shots have a slave girl feel, others dominatrix, and a couple sets are all stripper. I wore these thigh high boots with a few different outfits – I love wearing things like them but prefer leather and tighter. I wore other boots too and some patent leather with stiletto heels. Makeup was a sort of muted goth look that I like – mostly done around the eyes. I didn’t do my hair special or anything – that’s my current constant… note a tad Bettie Page influence.

I have a lot more hot pictures of myself and I will post them plenty… like I said, sexy girls like me love to show off! I just don’t want to spoil you guys by giving up too much too fast!!!

`*~ Razor Goth Girl ~*´


Sex and Death and Me

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Soooo… I did that photo shoot I was talking about and I should have copies shortly, which means I’ll have some sexy pictures of myself up here very soon. It’s all BDSM style fetish stuff that I’m wearing in them, so those of you who like thigh high boots, corsets and collars will be happy. For now though, I thought I’d write a little more about myself…

I’m a goth punk girl — DUH! Like the name and the half done, half-assed blog layout didn’t give it away. Black hair, pale skin, fetish clothes, piercings, kicks total shit and rules… you know the type ~winks~. But no sense in lengthy descriptions of what I look like since I’m gonna have those pictures up in a day or two. Hot girls like me love showing off what they look like far more than writing about it anyway.

jacksallyWhat do I like?… nasty, naughty and dangerous things. It doesn’t have to be goth or punk to fit that, it just has to be totally on the edge… intense and wild with that element of fear and danger that really gets you right to that point of no return. I’ve gotten myself into trouble due to my attitude (or should I call it fetish?), but nothing I haven’t been able to get myself out of. Most girls would have nightmares over stuff like that but the memories just get me excited and wanting more.

Yeah, I’m trouble… I’m one of those sexy young girls who causes problems and is more than hot enough to get away with it. A mean girl who provokes fights, influences badly, pushes limits, starts shit, cock teases, and especially manipulates guys and girls into doing things they normally wouldn’t do, just because I get off on seeing someone cross their line due to me… and I love it most when they are all “lost” afterwards LOL. Seeing deep, dark shame on someone’s face is so hot… especially when what they are now ashamed about, they were so very “into” when they were doing it… or having it done to them ~winks~.

I’m the same way with sex. I’ve done things other girls would be ashamed of, and yet I have absolute zero regrets. I love it actually – the feeling that I revel in doing things that others would be ashamed of. Something about that just does it for me. I guess it‘s part of that “nasty, naughty and dangerous“ fetish that I have.

I don’t live my life to fit other people’s standards, so I don‘t get all bent over what others think about me. We don’t live that long as it is, so why live for anyone other than myself. While I’m still alive I plan on getting the most out of every single second, especially my youth. Death is always hanging over us, which is why death has such an exciting, sexual quality to it. Yeah, I said “death” and “sexual” in the same sentence… if you think I’m sick because of it, grow up. Am I morbid and twisted? YUP, but what I said about death and sex has zero to do with that… all I said was the truth. People wouldn’t slow down to watch a car wreck if we didn’t all have a fascination with our own mortality.

That’s the crux of it… we are all going to die. It’s the one experience we are all destined to share, no matter how much will fail or succeed in life. And the finality of it, mixed with the “unknown” that awaits in the after… has a wonderful intensity to it… an element of fear that can be crushing or exhilarating… and very erotic. So I’ve decided not just to admit the inevitability of death, but to embrace it fully for it’s highly sexual side.

In terms of sex, my view on the erotic nature of death has led to me getting a bit out of hand at times. Not just the possible ways I like to have sex, but the kind of things I call “foreplay” LOL. But I’m still here and all of my past and present partners are still breathing so no harm, no foul. Well, no lasting harm that is.

But I’ll talk more bout that another day.

`*~ Razor Goth Girl ~*´

So I’ve Got A Blog Now

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I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but now that I’m legal I’ve decided to push that in a much more public way LOL. So here it goes…

My name’s Faith. I’m 18 and I live in New York City. If I were really psyco suicidal I’d tell you exactly where in New York City, but as much as I love being dangerous, I’m not that stooopid!! The thought of getting kidnapped, tied up and thoroughly used by some hot guy (or hot girl) is a very big turn-on, but only if I get to pick who’s abducting me!!! (I know that kinda ruins the point of that type of extreme sex, but still… lets get realistic here. And besides, I think I’d like to be the one doing the kidnapping and exploiting even more!)

I know I don’t have any pictures up here yet but I will soon, so don’t you worry none.  I’m just throwing this post up to get myself into blogging mode. I’m doing a photo shoot this weekend with a friend who’s a kinda-photographer (he works for a real photographer so has access to a studio and some good cameras… and he’s really into me so I told him I’d let him play with me in some sexy fetish outfits if he took some good pictures of me in them first ~grinzzzz~).

After I get some digital copies I fully plan to tease you perverts by posting some of the pictures here. I love fetish clothing and goth gear so I hope you like leather, thigh high boots, corsets and all that shit… actually I don’t care if you like it or not, I do and that’s all that matters ~sticks out pierced tongue!~

I’m going to try to sell some of them (not here!). I want to do fetish modeling and so I’m going to shop these around a bit and see what I hook. Hopefully do some real shoots too. I have no problem with doing nude shit in sexy clothes – the less “tasteful” the better LOL!!! – and I wouldn’t mind doing some BDSM style scenes too. Femdom and solo bondage shots to start but maybe more than that when I see what it’s all like.

I’m a stripper right now. I’ve been doing it a couple of years. I’m something of a specialty act due to my looks and style, and lots of people say I should get into burlesque. I think performers like Dita Von Teese are amazing so when people say that I take it as a real compliment, but I have enough respect for her and what she does to know that I’d have a lot to learn before I could do the kind of performances she does. But the more I do as a stripper and a model, the more I learn.

I’d like to get into Femdom BDSM more… not just fetish modeling but maybe the professional dominatrix side of it. I’ve played a lot from both sides of the whip and I love it, so it’s something I’d really be into… and the clothes are so fucking hot! The fact those sexy girls make a killing just makes it all the better. Imagine getting paid a lot for something you really enjoy – fetish sex and bondage!!! In this case it’s not really sex though, not in the normal sense of the word, since professional BDSM doesn’t usually include actual sex… but who likes “normal” anyway?? The kind of sexual act we mean here is pure female domination – a feeding of one’s sadistic and/or masochistic side – yummy!!! Dominatrix means total control, and that itself is sexy in the extreme. Sex should always have an element of pain, danger and domination to it… the more intense it is, the better the orgasm!

`*~ Razor Goth Girl ~*´

My Favorite Bedtime Story, Then and Now